“No Leash, No Twitch” Policy – why I don’t do hands on work for non-technical people

And when I’m in a real newsroom I’ll enjoy thinking about you, sitting here with an empty leash in your hands and nobody to twitch for you!

Gregory Peck, Roman Holiday

I don’t do hands-on work for non-technical people.

What does that mean exactly?

Most simply put, I don’t do work for people who don’t know how to edit their own website.

I have a lot of reasons for this policy, some of them are explained here

So, if you are not tech inclined but you want my help this is what I suggest you do:

Find a person who has some interest in tech and hire them to work as an intermediary with me.

This person could be a young person that you hire part-time.

It could be an employee that is interested in learning how to handle these tasks.

It could be a family member in your family business.

Whoever it is, they need to have two things:

  1. they need to like web tech
  2. they need to be willing to learn and willing to do

They can contact me about anything web marketing related and I will guide them as my time (and your occasional compensation) permits.


Why this policy is actually a benefit to you

At first glance that policy (no hands-on work) might seem like a disadvantage or a total deal-breaker.

But I’d like to point out that it means you potentially get expert know-how at the price you will pay a young person part-time to do work for you. (Or the wage you pay your entry-level employee).