How I Make Money

All of us have to eat. And so we all have to provide value to others by some form of “work” and get paid for it.

Of course since you are a business person I know you get this.

The way we each choose to “provide value” and get paid is different.

And in my case I have chosen to help companies do their own web projects (DIY) rather than work hands-on.

Instead I make money at steps along the way when you need a service to advance your DIY project; I recommend a service, if you use that service I make a commission on that service recommendation.

At times I often will recommend ways of doing things eventhough I can’t make a commission off of it. I do it because it’s the best way and you can be a pal by figuratively “buying me a coffee” (sponsorship-style donation)

I definitely like it better not being hands-on and I think you will like learning from me for that reason too. Why? When you come to me you get a lot of how the industry really works and a lot of how simple the “secrets of the trade” really are. You can use the services I recommend to cut out the stuff you don’t really need. You can be in control (which greatly reduced your likelihood of being taken advantage of.)

For example, rather than starting out with the expense of a comprehensive web design package (let’s say $2,000 for a design, some words/pics, and a contact form), I can guide you to DIY for a fraction of that cost.


Instead, following my advice you might set up a site with WordPress (free). I will recommend a place for your website to live (called “hosting”) and make a ~$10 commission. For the design of the site (colors, look and feel) we’ll either use a ready-made design (~$30) or use a US-based web service that will do it for you completely custom as good or better than a local designer for about ~$200.


Besides the cost saving you’ll gain, the more important benefit is you will be in control.


So sign up, contact me, and keep learning!

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