Free alternative to SEO services – some quick links to get you started

If you haven’t already done so, please also read my “mini guide to websites and seo


First, let me assure you that you are (your company is) completely capable of building and running your own website and you don’t need to know anything about tech more than how to write and send an email.

Don’t believe the lies otherwise.


Two, the “secrets” I am about to share with you might save you a lot of money. Consider “buing me a coffee” as a tip for the help 🙂


Links for starting to DIY 

  1. Get a logo on
  2. Use a free account to create your website. Pay $10 to have it show as
  3. Start adding content.
    1. My first philosophy rule is “design isn’t everything.” Don’t waste much time on design, instead write about your business, post pictures, tell your story.
    2. Create one long page with everything on it (“about us,” “contact us,” “testimonials,” “services”).
    3. HOW-TO guides from putting content on a wordpress website
      1. LinkedIn learning how to guides –
      2.’s guides –
  4. Make your Google listing.
  5. Use‘s service to get others to link to you so you can show up high in Google.



I’m sure you have questions. Contact me.

954.779.6275 for voicemail or text.


also I need coffee 😉

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