Free alternative to hiring a web programmer

The following is general advice for a small business starting a website with an ok budget.

BUT FIRST, if you are new here please also read my “mini guide to websites and seo” and my two requests below:


1) let me assure you that you are (your company is) completely capable of building and running your own website and you don’t need to know anything about tech more than how to write and send an email.

Don’t believe the lies otherwise.

2) the “secrets” I am about to share with you might save you a lot of money. Consider “buying me a coffee” as a tip for the help 🙂



Web Hosting. Most are ~$7/month; paid annually, ~$90

Domain Name. Paid annually. $14

Basic Business Website Setup. WordPress website. Free DIY. Full service $59.99 using   


Website Content for your website (text and picutres). DIY free. Get it all

done for you for $99/mo with this service –


Website Design theme for your website. Google search “wordpress
themes” for free DIY. OR, pay $99 to


Advice that helps you create a website for less than $400 …



Knowing how to get it done for less than $400 and telling you how to do it…

worth lots of coffee