Designing your website – PSD to html – free alternative to a web designer

Like I’ve said in other places on this website, you don’t need a web designer…

In this very quick post I will explain how to get a design made for you and then have it converted into website code – all without you needing to know any computer design or web code.

The design of your website is like clothing on a person, there is a lot more a person than their clothing. We have bones, and muscles and organs. Someone can dress a dog in a suit but it’s still a dog.

If you use wordpress you will have a fully functional person (not a dog); and if follow the advice below you can dress him/her smartly as well.


Here are a few options:


Find a free theme or buy a premium wordpress theme.

(Buying a theme is like buying clothing at a store; it’s not as custom as going to a tailor, but it’s not a bad start.)

Google search “wordpress themes” and you will find endless options.



Option 2 can be the more custom option. First you template that’s called a “psd.”

You could find a ready-made template: Google search “psd web designs”

Or, you can have a psd design made for you using an online service

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Second, have the design converted into a wordpress theme using 

(If you use SiteSlinger’s service the design will already be a wordpress theme.)


That’s all for this post.

Let me know about your project!

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