SEO Consultants HATE ME !

Ex-SEO Consultant reveals secrets of the trade 

First off, because I know we both want transparency, let me assure you – I absolutely do this for the money. But that money is from commissions if and when you need a 3rd party’s service to do the next step of your DIY project. We also appreciate monetary tips (i.e. you can buy me coffee) as compensation for great advice. (Learn more about how I make money)

Now, let’s talk about you and me.

You are likely a small business owner looking to score more clients from this internet thing.

I quit web design work and got a night shift job at a warehouse.

I used to consult people like you. I used to create their websites, re-design their websites, listen to them whine about how much the last guy charged them, etc.  I used to do a lot of hands-on work helping them rank high on Google. I used to make them a lot of money (I have a client on retainer who makes an extra $15,000+/mo from local SEO). I was really good. (still am)

And then two things happened…

1) They (a.k.a. you) drove me crazy.

I got tired of your demands to re-design this, that, and the other thing 5 billion times. I got tired of you missing the point that to really market your small business you have to be involved. At some level, you have to DIY.

2) The industry upset me.

On the one hand, there were a lot of hardworking guys like me not getting compensated fairly. And on the other hand, there were are a lot of clueless small businesses getting duped by shady SEO companies preying on their ignorance.  In general, there were way too many ridiculous expectations, inefficiencies, and other frustrations. And on the other side, the laughable so-called secrets, the rocket science mystique, and the overbearing lock-in tactics. I was tired of seeing nice guys on both sides finishing last. I mean dead last, like this…

I mean, just look at the screenshot above!

This happens everyday. A small business has a falling-out with their web designer and the designer pulls the plug. And who is to say they didn’t deserve it (ex: for nonpayment). But, truly, the business should be the one holding the reigns of their website (and you can!). To be deactivated like the example above; just think about what that does to the business… Could it happen to you?

Plus, let me tell you… this whole web industry – all of it – is headed toward a more DIY environment. It’s inevitable! The technology and trends are moving in that direction and there is nothing – not you, not me, nothing – that is going to stop it. Web designers and SEO gurus are going bye bye (except maybe in India, seems India has a couple million left – judging by my email inbox…)

I got tired of fighting the tide. And started thinking

There’s gotta be a better way –


I went AWOL, stopped doing hands-on SEO, and got a warehouse night-shift job. (I liked doing real work with my hands, and it gave me the daytime free to work on DIY SEO material; and build my other businesses – http://benfii.com/business)

This is great news for you. It means:

  • You can learn how to fish, because now I can focus my time on giving away secrets that other SEO guys won’t.
  • You can get straight answers and real info you can trust, because I don’t have to worry about “keeping you as a client” (or use predatory tactics to keep you “locked in”)  – instead I make money by opening you up to a world of DIY possibilities.
This – DIYbocaratonSEO – is my site and your site. This is our rebellion against the way SEO was done.
So sign-up and stay tuned as I bring you more.
I hope you will learn a lot from the training you find here. And I hope your business will gain the benefit.
T. Johnson

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